Georgetown Police Department

Guardians of Georgetown Delaware


Georgetown Police Department’s Patrol Division is the foundation of this full-service agency. The officers in the Patrol Division serve the public 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Patrol officers are responsible for handling various calls for service such as civil disputes, medical emergencies, collisions, domestic violence, assaults, burglaries, robberies, and death investigations. Between calls for service, officers conduct traffic enforcement, property checks and deter crime through proactive patrol of Georgetown’s corporate limits.
The Patrol Division is comprised of two platoons. Each platoon contains a Sergeant and a team of officers. The Sergeants manage their personnel and direct daily patrol activities. A Captain serves as the Patrol Commander.
A Sergeant is assigned to command each platoon within the Patrol Division. The Sergeant is responsible for the leadership of the platoon to ensure that goals and objectives are accomplished. The Patrol Division offers 24-hour police services. Patrol Officers respond to a variety of calls for service, providing public assistance, conducting investigations, and upholding the enforcement of Delaware’s criminal and traffic laws throughout town. 

Lieutenant Matt Barlow - 9089

Sgt. Mark Rogers - 90814

Master Cpl. Bart Wilson - 90818

Corporal Michael Goins - 90817

Corporal Katie Couchman - 90820

Pfc. Matthew Donahue - 90821

Pfc. Kristen Repass - 90824

Pfc. Ashley Melis - 90822