Georgetown Police Department

Guardians of Georgetown Delaware

Fallen Guardians

Chief Harvey Gregg Jr.

Chief of Police Harvey Gregg suffered a heart attack while directing traffic for a funeral procession. As he collapsed, he struck his head on his patrol car's door, worsening his condition. He passed away two days later as a result of a heart attack and head injury. Chief Gregg had served with the Georgetown Police Department for 30 years. He was survived by his wife and three children.

Patrolman Chad Spicer

Patrolman Chad Spicer was shot and killed as he and his partner attempted to stop a vehicle that had been involved in a shooting a short time earlier. The suspect's vehicle suddenly stopped and the patrol car came to a stop next to it. A rear-seat passenger in the suspect vehicle fired a single shot from inside the vehicle, striking Patrolman Spicer in the face. A ricochet from the round also struck his partner in the neck. The shooter and the driver of the vehicle fled on foot while a third passenger remained on the scene and attempted to provide medical aid to the two officers. The suspect who fired the shot was arrested a short time later inside a nearby home. The second suspect turned himself in several days later. In February 2011 the suspect was convicted of murdering Patrolman Spicer and he was subsequently sentenced to death. The Delaware Supreme Court upheld the death sentence in August 2012. Patrolman Spicer had served with the Georgetown Police Department for one year and had previously served in law enforcement for three years. He is survived by his daughter, parents, brother, two sisters, and fiancée. Chad Spicer Foundation: