Georgetown Police Department

Guardians of Georgetown Delaware


In 1869, Georgetown was formally incorporated as the “Commissioners of Georgetown.” The Act called for the election of five Commissioners, an Alderman, an Assessor, and a Treasurer who were all required to be freeholders within the Town. They were also to appoint a Town Bailiff.
In 1941, The town was re-incorporated as the “Town Council of Georgetown.” This Act differed in format from the earlier Incorporating Acts and was called a Charter. The structure of the Town government changed with this Charter. Governmental powers were vested in a Mayor and four-member Town Council, each serving two-year terms. Appointed Town officials included the Tax Collector, Secretary, Alderman, two Auditors, Board of Health, Acting Alderman, Town Solicitor, Assessor, and Police Force.
In 2005, amendments were made to the organization and powers of the Police Department. 
As of 2020, the Georgetown Police Department serves just over 5 Square Miles at the heart of Sussex County, including an estimated 7563 residents. The Town of Georgetown is the 9th largest municipality in Delaware by area and the 8th largest municipality by population.  The Town was also recently named the 11th Safest City in Delaware.